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How Hard is it to order food with the Grub4 App?

How to order a meal from a favourite restaurant or takeaway:

First of all, make yourself comfortable on the settee. Get out your mobile phone, click on the Grub4 App, go to Favourites and find a meal, click to check the food and order it. That’s it, your order has been sent to your favourite Restaurant or Takeaway, paid for and delivered. We also save a meal for collection for more energetic customers. No limit to the number of favourites or restaurants.

There is no charge for paying by Credit Card.
You can store as many restaurants and Favourite Meals as you want; even on holiday or abroad.

The Incredible Grub4 Restaurant Morphing App 

The standard App becomes a restaurant specific App just by entering an activation code.
If you download the App and enter activation code "bell6209", the App morphs to Bellini Italian Restaurant.

Enter a new activation code "nmog7209" and the App changes to New Mogul Indian Cuisine.
Even though the restaurant has been changed, the App retains your list of orders and Favourite Meals.
You can change restaurants whenever, and how often, you want; ideal for holidays or travelling.
The Grub4, International Patent Pending, App works without Wi-Fi or an Internet connection.

Just one click to order.

Save as a Favourite

When you order and pay for a meal, online or from your mobile phone, you are asked if you would like to save this meal as a favourite.

Saved Favourite as Myfavd
New order "Belli" is added at the top of your list of favourites; the latest order always displayed at the top.
List of Favourites
"Belli" is displayed at the top of the list; you can add as many favourites as you like; just click a favourite to check the meal.
No WiFi or Internet Connection - Go Offline?
Order your favourite meal, even when there is no WiFi or Internet connection
Go Offline Information
One click to select one of your favourite meals, and another click to order and pay for the meal, for collection or delivery.